The artist has to Wear Many Hats

In the romanticized image of an artist, one often envisions an individual immersed solely in their craft, detached from the mundanities of business and promotion. However, the reality for many emerging artists is quite different. In today’s competitive landscape, artists are not only creators but also their own managers, public relations agents, and much more. From the inception of their career, artists must navigate a multifaceted role that extends far beyond the confines of their studio or performance space.

The Rise of the Artrepreneur

Gone are the days when artists could rely solely on galleries, agents, or record labels to handle the business side of their careers. Today, artists are increasingly embracing the role of the entrepreneur, taking control of their destinies and forging their own paths to success.

From the outset, emerging artists wear many hats. They are not just creators but also managers of their own careers. This entails strategic decision-making regarding their artistic direction, pricing, and marketing strategies. They must meticulously plan exhibitions, performances, or releases, often coordinating logistics and securing venues independently.

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